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Hm interesting

I needed to staple 35 programs today with two staples each. It just so happened that there were exactly 70 staples in the stapler. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

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Give Allan a code

Allan claims he lost the code you gave him, Grace. Give it to him again so that he can’t keep using that as an excuse.

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Math Problem

I found this sum in a book, and it gave the answer without any inkling of a clue as to why it’s correct. Can anyone help me? Let r(n) be the number of ways n can be written as the … Continue reading

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It’s a shame. We thought we had found a 40th Mersenne Prime, but alas, the double checks found that it actually isn’t prime. Oh well.

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Administrative Incompetence, Volume Three

I’ve already complained a lot about graduation practice, but this time I wasn’t looking for stupid things. I was not trying to take things too literally. This time it was just genuine stupidity on the part of my school. Each … Continue reading

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Insult of the day: “Only people in band would know what the downbeat is.” — the assistant principal in charge of graduation practice. I’m sure my parents would be thrilled to know that the many thousands of dollars they spent … Continue reading

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Failed Bijections

Today was day one of graduation practice torture. For the nth time, where n is an extremely large positive integer, I learned that a) most seniors (or people for that matter) at my school are morons, b) my school administration … Continue reading

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Strange Disappearance of Mineral Water…

Yesterday (Thursday June 5th) evening, I looked in the refrigerator, and it dawned upon me that eight and a half half-liter bottles of sparkling mineral water had been consumed since I returned from ARML. I started thinking about this. I … Continue reading

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I find it somewhat disturbing that the last high school math contest comes before the end of high school. After ARML, I still have to go to my school for nearly two more weeks. It seems that this is cruel … Continue reading

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