Give Allan a code

Allan claims he lost the code you gave him, Grace. Give it to him again so that he can’t keep using that as an excuse.


About Simon

Hi. I'm Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo. I'm a mathematics postdoc at Dartmouth College. I'm also a musician; I play piano and cello, and I also sometimes compose music and study musicology. I also like to play chess and write calligraphy. This blog is a catalogue of some of my thoughts. I write them down so that I understand them better. But sometimes other people find them interesting as well, so I happily share them with my small corner of the world.
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One Response to Give Allan a code

  1. z9r4c3 says:

    Oi, sorry… didn’t see this until… well, now. So Yi will (hopefully if my parents let me on at home sometime today) have a code soon… But I don’t have the code anymore… Jimmy will have to be contacted… Can you do it? Allan has “agreed” to get one? Lovely. I’ll attempt to contact Jimmy as soon as I can, too.

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