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Awww. I was demoted to second chair in the orchestra, and the first chair is a sophomore. Argh. That means I’ll probably have to wait until I’m a senior to be first chair unless I get better more quickly than … Continue reading

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Hm. I haven’t written anything for a few days. I guess I should therefore write something. I had the “I hate math” discussion with someone in my discussion section of Music 15 during lunch. What I mean by the “I … Continue reading

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Somehow I ended up as first cello in orchestra! I’m not quite sure how that happened considering how badly I did in the sight-reading, but I won’t complain. Some people haven’t auditioned yet, but at least it’s a good start.

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Day 2

Before I went to any classes, I got the sparkling water deal settled with Arrowhead. They’ll come by Thursday morning with my water. Yay. My first class was algebra. The professor lectured on the definition of a group and some … Continue reading

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First Day

Finally classes started today. I woke up at 7 so that I could be 55 minutes early to my 9:00 class. (Being very early has become something of a tradition for me.) My first class was real analysis. Prof. Labutin … Continue reading

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Eerie Coincidence

My roommate and I seem to have an unwritten code that states that if the other is not there, the one present can turn on music and need not turn it off when the other one returns. When I returned … Continue reading

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Next Post

I now have textbooks! My new friend, Walter Rudin’s Real and Complex Analysis, has been coming with me most places that I go. It’s quite an awesome book. I love the way he defines pi. “Since cos 0 = 1 … Continue reading

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