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I apologize for not saying much about the Banach-Tarski talk yesterday. One of the most amusing things he discussed was scissors congruence and magic scissors congruence. Theorem: If A is scissors congruent to B, then A is magic scissors congruent … Continue reading

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Math is Weird

I went to a lecture by Prof. Bigelow (who will be teaching my homotopy theory class next quarter) on the Banach-Tarski Paradox today. The Axiom of Choce is a tricky little thing. Strangely, we were also discussing the Axiom of … Continue reading

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I’m feeling sick now. I suppose it started yesterday, but I had hoped that it would pass with a bit of sleep. Either seven hours wasn’t enough or it’s more of a problem than I thought it. At least I … Continue reading

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More Anti-Cell Phone Rant

Today Prof. Labutin’s cell phone went off in the middle of class. That was the first time I have witnessed such a thing. Cell phones really are evil.

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The UCSB bookstore doesn’t know what it’s doing. The textbook for differential topology costs $40 or so downstairs in the textbook section and $30 or so upstairs in the Springer math book sale section. Fortunately, I realized this and saved … Continue reading

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We’re all done with point-set topology in my topology class, so now we get to learn about derivatives. It feels slightly odd taking a class that teaches derivatives. I am now learning integrals in analysis and derivatives in topology. I … Continue reading

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I got up at 6AM to finish my music paper. It’s not the best thing I have ever written or even close, but I would imagine it’s passable. I should be doing better work, but five hours of sleep just … Continue reading

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