I don’t understand why we had no homework for the first half of real analysis this quarter and three problems last week but twelve this week. And they’re all about Banach spaces, which seem really boring to me at the present time.

I picked up a copy of the algebra midterm today, so I should set aside some time to look at it, but probably not until after I finish my analysis homework and look at next week’s analysis homework and make significant progress on my Haar measure paper and learn the orchestra music and try to figure out how to use Van Kampen’s Theorem. No, it can’t wait that long. That won’t happen until about March 13th (which is the day after the Haar measure paper is due).

My masochism will continue next quarter, it appears. Scharlemann is teaching a CCS class on calculus on manifolds, and everyone tells me that Putinar’s undergraduate real analysis class is terrific, so I’ll take those classes next quarter and not drop anything that I’m currently taking. I might also try to enroll in differential topology. One graduate student seems to think that I’m a slacker since I’m only actually enrolled in one graduate course. I will not put up with having a reputation as a slacker! Whether or not the cliché is true, it is still common belief that what doesn’t kill me will make me stronger, and I don’t think ten classes in a quarter will kill me. Most CCS masochists don’t seem to be dropping dead from 30 units. 30 units isn’t that uncommon for CCS actually, and I don’t imagine I’ll have mroe than 26, but that’s partly because I don’t enroll in lots of classes I attend.

What is this world coming to? Bernard is going to have a higher rating than I do in chess after his last two tournaments are rated. Now I really need to play in some tournaments. I cannot allow Bernard to be rated higher than I.

Gallian is coming to give a talk to the Math Club on Friday, and that excites me. I heard him talk once before, and he is a really good speaker.


About Simon

Hi. I'm Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo. I'm a mathematics postdoc at Dartmouth College. I'm also a musician; I play piano and cello, and I also sometimes compose music and study musicology. I also like to play chess and write calligraphy. This blog is a catalogue of some of my thoughts. I write them down so that I understand them better. But sometimes other people find them interesting as well, so I happily share them with my small corner of the world.
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  1. z9r4c3 says:

    Bernard? eh… *patpat* go play more chess…

  2. Mathemagician, ah jes…

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