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Almost done

I should probably stop using the word “almost” unless I’m talking about “almost all” or “almost everywhere” in a technical sense since I get annoyed with myself when I use words incorrectly, but I’ll keep it this time. On Thursday … Continue reading

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I got a new keyboard yesterday. Unfortunately, it isn’t a very good one, and it leaves out many of the letters I press, and ometimes caps lock turns on randomly. At least it is better than the other one. Labutin … Continue reading

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I managed to ruin my keyboard yesterday by spilling water on it. Fortunately, most of the keys now work (whereas yesterday most of the keys didn’t do anything), but a few don’t work at all, and a few keys don’t … Continue reading

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Next week, graduate students will be taking qualifying exams. To me this means that people actually talk about math at tea, and so I can say things like “Is the Continuum Hypothesis equivalent to the statement that it is impossible … Continue reading

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Nothing very interesting happened this week until yesterday. Two of my classes were canceled on Wednesday for different reasons. That wasn’t very interesting. What was interesting was a grad seminar talk on positive numbers. The topic is not quite as … Continue reading

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I was awakened by an earthquake at around 2AM today. That allowed me roughly 4 hours of sleep. I think today will not be a good day. Perhaps I should give sleeping another try, but it probably won’t work.

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Putinar almost gave us another proof of zeta(2)=pi^2/6 on Tuesday using the Fourier series of x^2. He moved on right before deriving it, but he didn’t manage to fool me. I (naturally) started thinking about what would happen if we … Continue reading

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