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At 7AM this morning, my father and I decided to go to Fry’s primarily to find out how many people go to Fry’s when it first opens on Boxing Day. Despite the fact that the streets were desolate, the enormous … Continue reading

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I have already been back for a week, and I haven’t written anything in this journal. How strange. I started and finished a book written by a man who has spent the past 25 years finding books in Yiddish all … Continue reading

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For some reason, I seem to have a block when it comes to algebra problems. As soon as I looked at the problems on my algebra final, I concluded that I couldn’t possibly solve them. But it simply wasn’t true. … Continue reading

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Commence Finals

I just had my first final. It was in Yiddish, which I’m not actually officially taking. It wasn’t too bad. Next comes algebra. As a result of the Putnam, I have great confidence that I can solve anything he puts … Continue reading

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The Putnam was delightful. I didn’t realistically expect to solve eight questions, despite my apparent confidence beforehand. I still don’t know how I did it. So let’s see what happened:

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