Monthly Archives: July 2005

The past week or so has been fairly busy for me, at least by summer standards. For one thing, I read two books that weren’t about math. Nonfiction, mind you, but still not about math. The first is about a … Continue reading

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Some variations on an old puzzle

Here’s an old puzzle: Everyone in the town of Erdosville has either blue eyes or brown eyes. However, Erdosville is cursed: anyone who can determine his or her own eye color to be blue will die the next midnight. Of … Continue reading

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Mathematical Miscellany

I’ve spent much of the past week trying to learn a bit of algebraic topology. Homology is good stuff — homology groups are not difficult to calculate, but they are powerful topological invariants. I was looking forward to cohomology more … Continue reading

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New cats

My grandparents got two new cats yesterday. My sister took some pictures, which I will post here behind a cut.

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