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Have I mentioned lately how much I hate bureaucracy? I don’t think I have, so I shall now. Since I’m applying to graduate schools, I need to submit transcripts. Unfortunately, I haven’t paid a bill that isn’t due until the … Continue reading

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Fun Theorem of the (Insert Unit of Time Here)

From today’s algebra seminar: The outer automorphism group of S_n is trivial unless n=6, and Out(S_6) is Z/2Z. For a proof, see Wikipedia.

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I’m a doctor?

Dear Dr Rubinstein-Salzedo, Thank you for submitting a paper to CAOT. The paper has been sent to a referee and I will update you. Best wishes DA (Name removed) (In other words, I submitted my first paper last week.)

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My heavy workload seems to have died down for now, so I can just enjoy learning on my own for a while and try not to fall too far behind on my next wave of applications. In particular, geometric group … Continue reading

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First application off!

I submitted my application for the National Science Foundation graduate fellowship at around 7:00 this morning. This nearly ends an extremely hectic week, likely to be the most hectic of the quarter. The only thing remaining is the dreadful GRE … Continue reading

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