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Terraced scans and writing math in TeX

Imagine going to a bookstore and finding an interesting book. How does a person do such a thing? One possibility would be for this person to pick up the first book ey sees, read it cover to cover, and then … Continue reading

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Essay Review: To Seek Whence Cometh a Sequence

Listen to the beginning of the prelude of the sixth cello suite by Bach, and you’ll notice something interesting. (Here is a performance by Mischa Maisky.) The first few notes are as follows: D-D-D-D-D-F#-D-D-A-D-D-D(up one octave). So, it starts with … Continue reading

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Book Review: What Becomes You

We’ve all speculated about how it would feel to be a different person. Generally, we fantasize about being other people we admire: perhaps a celebrity or a great scientist. Or possibly Barack Obama. Less frequently, we may consider the lives … Continue reading

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