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Nuclear weapons for peace

We opened up Pandora’s box on nuclear weapons decades ago, and returning to a pre-nuclear world is impossible. Once knowledge has been obtained and dispersed, it can no longer be destroyed. We must now figure out what to do with … Continue reading

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Book review: Nomad

I first heard of Ayaan Hirsi Ali around 2007. At the time, I was just beginning to explore atheism and its ramifications actively. Hers was the latest shiny name in the atheist world, since she had recently published her autobiography, … Continue reading

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Another recent chess game

Here is another game I played at the Capablanca Memorial tournament this past weekend. Sinan Kaptanoglu (1900) vs. Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo (1966), Round 4 1. d4 f5 I’ve been playing the Dutch defense with black against 1. d4 for years. 2. … Continue reading

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A recent chess game

I played a chess tournament this past weekend. Here is one of my games; I found it to be quite interesting. There is one more game I’d like to analyze here; I hope to get to it in the next … Continue reading

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