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Book review: The moral landscape

Many people have argued that science and religion, when done correctly, can only answer questions about disjoint areas. Perhaps the most oft-cited person espousing this view is Stephen Jay Gould, who popularized the principle of non-overlapping magesteria and coined the … Continue reading

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Penalizing default assumptions

Last week, I went to a talk Christian mathematician John Lennox gave about why belief in Christianity is sound. He thoroughly failed to convince me that he had any case at all, but he did say one thing that left … Continue reading

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Atheism and rationality

Recently, I have been asked several times why I feel it is rational to be atheist, or even why I believe that that is the unique rational position to take on the question of religion. Mostly, this is due to … Continue reading

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Book review: Nomad

I first heard of Ayaan Hirsi Ali around 2007. At the time, I was just beginning to explore atheism and its ramifications actively. Hers was the latest shiny name in the atheist world, since she had recently published her autobiography, … Continue reading

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