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Book review: Good and real

We don’t have to look very hard to find aspects of the real world that appear at first glance not to make sense or that are perplexing. With careful analysis, however, we can frequently make sense of weird scenarios. Gary … Continue reading

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Cognitive bias while reading

Recently I read Steven Pinker’s book The blank slate, where he claims that genetics is responsible for a large part of a person’s personality and abilities. Since I disagree with this position, I found myself picking many holes in Pinker’s … Continue reading

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Book review: Delusions of gender

Do men and women think differently, due to an inherent different in brain functionality? Or is the difference we see in our society due exclusively to socialization? According to Cordelia Fine, author of Delusions of gender, all differences between men … Continue reading

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Penalizing default assumptions

Last week, I went to a talk Christian mathematician John Lennox gave about why belief in Christianity is sound. He thoroughly failed to convince me that he had any case at all, but he did say one thing that left … Continue reading

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Why I don’t “believe” in global warming

Under what circumstances does one have a right to an opinion? Can one have an opinion about any subject? Are there some subjects on which no one has the right to an opinion? Are there others on which some have … Continue reading

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