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On being angry: a rant

Most of us tend to think of anger as a negative trait. We try to train ourselves to avoid getting angry, and we sometimes go out of our way to avoid angering others. While this attitude is helpful in the … Continue reading

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Wikipedia as a source

It’s fashionable for teachers to disallow the use of Wikipedia as a reference in essays. The usual claim is that, since anyone can edit Wikipedia, anyone can just post any nonsense that ey feels like posting. Published books, on the … Continue reading

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Why I don’t “believe” in global warming

Under what circumstances does one have a right to an opinion? Can one have an opinion about any subject? Are there some subjects on which no one has the right to an opinion? Are there others on which some have … Continue reading

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What is wrong with this planet?

I got back from Israel today. Well, I was supposed to get back yesterday, but we missed our connection in Toronto, so we had to catch the first flight out this morning. Everyone else was thrilled that we got free … Continue reading

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I hate people who can’t honor commitments that they make. How hard is it for a person to schedule a meeting that it is possible to attend? It should be very easy. Unfortunately, it seems that some people are completely … Continue reading

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