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The allure of mock meat

Why is it that supermarkets uniformly carry a wide variety of mock meat products? Many omnivores assume it’s because we have a secret desire to eat meat, and that’s the closest we can get to it. Therefore, it ought to … Continue reading

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Cooking for guests

On occasion, I have been asked whether I will cook non-vegan items for guests. Sometimes, the question is worded a bit more forcefully: “You’ll cook meat for guests when they come over, right?” Um, no. And there are several good … Continue reading

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Eight days of raw food

For Passover this year, I ate only raw foods. For quite some time, I had wanted to experiment with raw foods, and Passover seemed to be a good opportunity. To me, the abstraction of the point of Passover is to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Animal Equality: Language and Liberation

Like many other people, I read The Phantom Tollbooth when my age was a single digit (in base 9+1). For most people who have read this book, it is the first thing we read that encourages us to think carefully … Continue reading

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Book review: Eating Animals

Over the past few years, I have educated myself on all sorts of issues related to food production, veganism, and animal rights, by virtue of reading hundreds of essays, blog posts, and editorials on these topics, as well as listening … Continue reading

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Lessons learned from two years of veganism

As of today, I have been vegan for two years, so it seems to be a good time to reflect on my experiences and recall what I have learned. While veganism isn’t entirely about food, much of the time I … Continue reading

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